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$79 $119
Add something unique and exclusive to your wardrobe. 

Harmony, one of our signature patterned shirt, is proven to make you stand out, look good and expressive. 

    About The Shirt:
    • Fabric: The shirt's made from 100% Egyptian Giza cotton with a Sateen weave.

    • Collar: The shirt has a Mid Spread Collar with fine interlining to keep it sturdy and sharp.

    • Cuff: Comes with a Barrel Cuff  to ensure long life of the shirt.

    • Length: The Shirt looks great both tucked in and tucked out.

    • Delivery Time: 6-9 Business days


      We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders to US, UK, AU & CA.

      We have a personal relationship with DHL and other reputed shipping partners. We have been using them for years and they ensure that every single one of our products is delivered to our customers on time.

      It usually takes 7 to 14 business days for orders to reach you.

      Our 30-Day Guarantee:

      If you’re not happy with your shirt for whatever reason, you can exchange it, within 30 days of receiving it.

      Since 1990, we’ve been hand crafting shirts for men who want to show who they are through the shirts they wear.

      Every Kalmin Ross Shirt is a piece of art. Every shirt you find has an added meaning to it.

      Our shirts showcase your fun and artistic side to the world. And yes, they attract a lot of compliments as a side effect.

      Also, we proudly standby our:

      • Signature Patterns
        All our shirts come with unique artistic patterns to make you stand out and simply look good. Our customers usually receive a lot of compliments wearing their KRs.

        Every pattern is that we make is made in a way that'll make you look fun, stylish and tastefully different.

      • Craft
        We’ve been hand-crafting shirts since 1990. All our shirts are made in-house with technically sound processes and methods.

        Every shirt undergoes a 6 step process to get made. And we have different specialised machines for each step. We add extra strength to every Kalmin Ross by using Double Layer Fusing and 3 Ply Threads (too technical eh?)

      • Fabrics
        We source the world’s best fabrics for you. From 100% Egyptian Giza Cotton to Irish Burgoyne Linen to Soktas Cotton Sateen.

      • Buttons
        We use Mother of Pearl buttons for every shirt we make. Mother of Pearl buttons are made from the inner layer of pearl oysters (also called nacre). They do not dissolve after repeated washes like usual plastic buttons.

      • Experience
        Every shirt is steam pressed to add an extra perfection before we pack it for you. And we pack every shirt in a way that gives you a feeling of utmost richness and luxury when you finally open it.

      We make shirts that do the talking for you.

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