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We got into manufacturing shirts in 1990.

It's been 30 years. Time flies🚀

It all started with a tiny production unit in a small village in the outskirts of Delhi, North India.

Imagine a small room with us taking custom sizes and making shirts for locals. 

Gradually, in the next couple of decades, we started manufacturing shirts for top retailers in India and eventually exporting shirts for the top brands in the US, UK, Dubai, Australia and Canada.

Since 1990, we’ve been hand crafting shirts for men who want to show who they are through the shirts they wear.

Every Kalmin Ross Shirt is a piece of art. Every shirt you find has an added meaning to it.

Our shirts showcase your fun and artistic side to the world. And yes, they attract a lot of compliments as a side effect.

All our shirts come with unique artistic patterns to make you stand out and simply look good. Our customers usually receive a lot of compliments wearing their KRs.

Every pattern is that we make is made in a way that'll make you look fun, stylish and tastefully different.

We make shirts that do the talking for you.