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About Our Shirts

When you buy a Kalmin Ross shirt, you're not just buying a garment of clothing to're investing in everlasting quality, in perpetual innovation, in high performance.

Our shirts are made with style and grace, but more importantly, they're made with you - the customer, in mind. We value quality over quantity and when you buy from us, you're buying something that you will be proud to have invested your money in.

Shirts Galore

We have shirts for every time, every place, every occasion.

Casual shirts - made with our finest fabrics for a relaxed style

Dress shirts - designed by experts, these are tailored shirts that will enhance any informal appearance to much more formal one.

Evening shirts - for a sophisticated look that will go well with a suit and tie. Elegance personified.

The Finest Materials

All cotton shirts are made with the highest quality cotton and staple fibers that are designed to last a long time. 

We use the best materials for our casual shirts as well - silk, linen, wool


Our shirts are made with the highest quality materials, but are safe to be machine-washed. However, we do recommend using a delicate wash cycle which will give the shirts a softer texture.